The professional range

For 25 years, PORT Designs has been a specialist in transport solutions and in laptop and touch tablet protection. More recently, PORT has diversified and extended its skill set to the concept of "Desktop Replacement", where the range of its solutions aim to make laptop usage as pleasant, comfortable and versatile as desktop use. Progressing from that concept, we have developed an entire range of IT accessories dedicated for your laptop computers.

Docking station or universal port replicator

The first of these accessories is the Docking Stations: these are cases that are connected to your computer via a USB port allowing you to connect up to 10 accessories, of which 2 can be extra screens. It truly is an indispensable accessory for any professional who needs to connect several devices to one computer (computer screens, hard drive, projector, printer, TV set, etc.).

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Keyboard and mouse

You will of course find several keyboard and computer mouse deals in our range, for optimal usage comfort. From coloured mice to bluetooth keyboards compatible with all OS, you will definitely find the accessory you need.

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Universal replacement power supply

An necessity for all laptop users, our range of replacement power supplies allow you flexibility. Our products are universal and are sold with several connectors that make them compatible with the majority of laptop models (list of compatible brands on product technical sheets).

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The arrival of USB Type C

USB Type C is set to become the new connectivity standard. It is for this reason that we have developed an entire range of converters allowing you to switch between USB Type C and our VGA, HDMI, RJ-45, Display Port, traditional USB, etc, connectors.

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Security and protection

For ultimate security, we offer a wide range of cables to attach securely to your device with ultra-resistant braided steel cables ( with both a 4-digit code or keys ). A range of high-performance privacy screens will allow you to protect your screen from prying eyes. When you look at the screen from the front, you will see the information normally. However, if you look at your screen from the side you will see a black screen, almost as if the screen was off. This is very useful when you are dealing with confidential information in public places. Universal shields are also available in different formats for your touch pad. They also offer scratch protection to protect the screen.

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Protecting well your equipment

Transport and protection of your equipment have been our main focus for 25 years. Our wide range of bags and protective cases are designed to protect and transport your laptop and tablet. For the professional, bags have been designed with protection and practical specifications. Our Manhattan range is a perfect example of our skill.. The materials used are strengthened at strategic points to protect the contents as well as having many pockets to tidily store your accessories.

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Our cases with wheels/trolleys

You will also find many trolleys in our product range, ideal for professionals with a lot of equipment to carry often a trolley is more preferable than a case or backpack. All the trolleys in our range conform to the standard dimensions for cabin baggage on airplanes (except Bristol L and XL trolleys).

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