Productivity & Mobility

With more than 300 products, PORT offers you a wide choice to meet all your specific needs for protection and transport.


In an ever-changing world, we adapt and become mobile. Efficient, productive and mobile, we turn to increasingly high performance, portable and powerful products, and the need to protect them during transportation has become a primary need. Slimmer and more lightweight, these fragile products have less and less connectors, which can impact productivity.

Whether you are at your workstation, meeting or appointment, you need to connect quickly to project your presentations or connect your devices and screens. PORT Connect protects, connects and charges your devices by offering you a wide range of solutions.

Transport and protection

PORT Designs lets you carry and protect your devices, We have been doing this than 25 years and offer a wide range of cases, bags, backpacks, trolley cases, etc. Our range meets all requirements for smartphones, tablets and laptops, and support you anywhere and anytime


When travelling or in the office, protecting your devices and data is essential. To keep you active and productive PORT Connect offers privacy screens, films, and security cables to protect your sensitive data and devices. Equipped with anti-reflective and anti-blue- light films, our filters ensure clear and comfortable readability with the upmost discretion.

Ecosystem of solution

Combining efficiency and reliability, the PORT CONNECT accessories range and the PORT DESIGNS computer luggage range are a proper eco-system for all your l mobility related issues.