Added value & innovation

Added value and innovation are part of the DNA of the PORT DESIGNS brand.
On the lookout for new trends and market-oriented, PORT was one of the first brands in the sector to launch a protection offer with the arrival of the first portable GPS on the market. It was the same with the arrival of external hard drives.

PORT invents the universal tablet protective Folio.

When iPads and tablets first made their appearances, PORT DESIGNS, anticipating the rise of tablets, was the first brand to develop and launch a range of universal protection folios. Thanks to the Universal Elastic System (UES), which is an ingenious system of elastics positioned at strategic locations, PORT makes its folios compatible with all the tablets in the market. An innovative corner protection system made of ABS replacing elastics (UHS Universal Hook System) will follow. With the PORT universal folio, each tablet can find the right protection.

The first backpack with integrated indicators

In response to the increase in the number of two wheeled vehicles on the road, PORT Designs focused on a solution to accompany and secure cyclists. For this, we created the first backpack with integrated indicators. The latter object, thanks to a wireless remote control, makes it possible to signal to the drivers its trajectory thanks to arrows: left, right, straight on, caution. This device has quickly become an essential accessory for two wheelers, greatly enhancing safety during travel, both day and night.

"Plus" Products that make the difference

The motto of Port Designs could well be "transport and protect with elegance".

A pocket dedicated to laptop power supply

PORT has, for the first time on its range of products for professionals, provided a pocket dedicated to storing your notebook's power source. No more forgetting of your power supply at home, at the office or in the bottom of a suitcase because it takes sometimes too much space.

Protection against data theft:

Security is a point of honour that we want to guarantee to our customers. To combat the theft of data related to the development of contactless credit cards and car keys, PORT is equipping more and more of its products with RFID blocking pockets. It is a back pocket, anti-hacking, to block the waves and protect theft of your data.

Lifetime warranty

Confident in the quality of our products, the majority of PORT Designs products are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects.

Meeting its customers needs as closely as possible

PORT offers a complete range of solutions to support the specific needs of certain professions: Tokyo III for the transportation of a computer and a printer or video projector, the Bristol range for the transport and protection of filing cabinets, the Hollywood range for the transport of video projectors, and finally the Myguard range certified IK08 for the use and the protection of tablets in hostile environments.