How to choose your Gaming mouse?

How to choose your Gaming mouse?

Where to start ?

A Gaming mouse is the direct extension of your hand, it will enhance your dexterity and precision during your games. Whether you're an occasional player or a GST/FPS player, RTS player, MOBA player, AA/RPG player or MMORPG player, AORKH Gaming has every kind of mouse to suit your playing style. 6 different ways of playing, responding to different needs. Each of our mice will bring you tools adapted to your needs.

Our mice are differentiated by designs, ergonomics, and technical characteristics.



DPI settings

You will be able to adjust the DPI of your mouse, that is the optical sensitivity and precision, from 250 to 16400 DPI for the biggest model. You can also regulate and adjust the weight of your mouse with weights provided with the mouse.

Auxiliary buttons ?

You will be able to configure from 6 to 20 buttons, thanks to a free and dedicated software for the adjustment of the parameters of your chosen mouse. You'll also appreciate the LED colour setting that will illuminate your mouse at certain points.



Sensibility settings ?

You will also be able to adjust mouse movement speed, vertical and horizontal sensitivity, and you will be able to create user profiles using the configuration software if several of you are sharing the same mouse. All our mice are wired with a cable covered with a black braided fabric that measures between 1.8 and 2 metres long, depending on the model. One of our mice exists in blue (model X-2), but also in pink (model Y-2), so there's something for everyone! Both models have the same characteristics, they are differentiated only by colour.

Finally, how to choose your perfect mouse ?

Casual gamer ?

Well now, here's the problem- which mouse model to choose? First of all, you must define your usage. Indeed, if you are a casual player, why not choose our X-1 model which is an excellent choice, with many options like DPI adjustment and 6 control buttons.



FPS/TPS or RTS gamer ?

Then, if you are an FPS/TPS or RTS player, have a look at our X-2 model instead: you will be able to adjust the weight of the mouse and your movement speed/sensitivities as well as LED colours, thanks to the configuration software.


Pink ?

If you prefer pink, that's not a problem! The Y-2 mouse has the same characteristics as the X-2.

RTS, MOBA and AA/RPG gamer ?

If you are an experienced player of RTS, MOBA and AA/RPG, the X-3 has been made for you! 5 more buttons than the X-2 to configure, and a resolution of 8200 DPI! You can also adjust the weight thanks to the different weights provided.




Finally, if you primarily play MMORPG games, the X-4 will allow your gaming skills to fully flourish with its 20 configurable buttons and its huge resolution of 16400 DPI. You can of course adjust the weight thanks to the different weights provided.

May the strength of the AROKH dragon be with you!